Frequently Asked Questions

  • Glad you asked! We are the first ever contact lens service to allow you to directly connect and order contacts from your doctor’s office.

  • For the first time ever, you can skip the verification process and unneeded stress of figuring out what your prescription is. Dr. Contact Lens also allows you to use your vision plan benefit for your contact lens purchase. With one click you can be assured your order is fulfilled and shipped out to you with no extra wait times. We even offer same day shipping in select cities across the US!

  • Dr. Contact lens syncs with your doctor’s medical records, so if you want to use Dr. Contact lens - reach out to your doctor today to get set up!

  • If you wear XR lenses, your order may be delayed 2-8 weeks as these lenses are made custom for your eyes. Make sure you always order your contact lenses in advance to ensure you get them on time for your next scheduled replacement.

Return Policy