How it works

Give your patients what they want and you win!

It’s monday morning, you get handed your faxes for the day – and like clockwork there are your 1800contacts verification requests. Ever wonder why they all happen over night?

Shopping behaviors are driving today’s business. Knowing the psychology of why we buy and when we buy allows us to get into the mind of our consumers and offer them what they need and want.

Did you know the average contact lens order is placed on a Sunday night at 11 pm? When it comes to contact lenses, patients have become savvy. They are ordering on demand, buying last minute and have learned the verification rules. Even though there are far more steps for a patient to log in, order their contacts, input their info and wait for the request to go through rather than quickly call your office – consumer reports show the online shopping experience has become second nature. People crave the ability to click and buy. They love the idea of a box showing up at their door on demand without having to exchange a single word with another human.

So, you’re definitely not open at 11 pm on a Sunday (if you are, please take a vacation asap!) so how do we move into the future with today’s consumers without losing our sales? Your patients are in your office, don’t lose the opportunity to keep their business. After all, they chose you as their eye doctor – which means there is a certain level of loyalty you can depend on. But if you do not offer them what they want, how can they possibly stay loyal to you when shopping for their contact lenses?

Dr. Contact Lens was created by optometrists for optometrists in order to combat this ongoing issue. It is a website and web application you can log in to that any patient can use, which seamlessly syncs to your medical records. This means for the first time ever – an easy to use website offers patients a way to order from you without having to wait for verification or input any information. It is as easy as a single click to order. Think Amazon’s “buy now” feature and turn that into your new contact lens experience and poof! Your patients will not only be blown away by the new easier ordering process, but they will also get bonus features such as same day shipping in select cities!

With technology, the consumer is always looking for the newest and simplest (and least painful) way to buy. Research shows it is less and less price driven, and more about ease of use. That is why we have created the first ever website to offer exclusive features that have never before been offered – all while giving you the profit of each sale!

Dr. Contact Lens is your new office team member. For a nominal monthly fee you have a system  auto-filling every order without the headache of invoicing, billing, calling the patient and having wasted inventory sitting at your office. One patient can take up to 15 minutes of staff time (not to mention if that patient does not come back to pick up their lenses). For every 1,000 orders that is 325 hours of staff time wasted. Think of all the more productive things your staff could do to bring you more business, rather than dwindling away the profit of your contact lens sale with endless staff time. 

The future is here; it is the time to consider how technology can help advance your practice, make your life easier,impress your patients, and most of all keep them ordering from you!

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