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Practice Rebates

We are unique in that we report your manufacturer sales on your behalf. The avg practice generates 8k yearly in rebates. By using DCL and growing your sales by just 25% = potential of $2000+ back to your practice yearly.

30% re-orders online

Avg practice sees 1000 pts/year, 70% or 700 pts do not order a yr supply. Of that 30% re-order online, capture them and this is your yearly potential.

25% non-compliant

DCL keeps your pts on track to re-order on time. The avg CL pt waits 18 mos to re-visit their eye doctor. If 25% of your pt stretches out their CL supply by 6 mos – that is a potential of $37,500 ($150/SALE) yearly by improving their purchasing behaviors and another $37,500 in potential exam fees yearly ($150 exam fee).

30% never ordered

30% walk and buy elsewhere leaving an avg of $300/yr per patient on the table. This is your yearly potential gain from recapturing this loss.

Total Earnings: $

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Why practices love
Dr. Contact Lens.

  • Do your patients always call or come in when they are due to order? Are you busy with other customers or on the line – leaving them no option but to order elsewhere?

    30% of your patients are likely to re-order online and 30% of your contact lens patients never order from you.

    Dr. Contact Lens automatically contacts your patients to order when they are due. It sends reminders, and our seamless 1 click system allows them to order in a way they have never experienced before. You see the patient, we handle the rest.

  • As ODs, we know what pains a practice feels. It is 28 steps from start to finish to process a single contact lens order. That can take 15-45 minutes per patient. That is 40 days a year for the average practice spent just on ordering contacts. The time and energy spent ordering and dispensing could better be used to meet your patients needs in office, sell them eyewear and spend time with them in the exam room.

    By using Dr. Contact Lens – your staff will have more time and your patients will no longer need to call or request their prescription. Giving them access to Dr. Contact Lens means you both win.

  • Living in an on demand world – the next generation of contact lens patients need a way to access ordering whenever they want. We have catered to their needs by creating a portal they log into that loads all their data and allows them to order in 1 click. Often their packages arrive the next day. You do nothing, and still make the profit of the sale. Dr. Contact Lens allows you to sell contacts 24-7 rather than limiting it to business hours.